Patrons Club


Staffordshire Moorlands Conservative Association Patrons Club


The Patrons Club welcomes applications for membership from people from all walks of life from within the Staffordshire Moorlands Constituency, who are interested in supporting the future of the Staffordshire Moorlands Conservative Association and the wider Conservative Party.


The Patrons Club is an exclusive group of local Conservative Supporters, membership includes a subscription to the Conservative Party, but this does not necessarily mean becoming involved in the day to day business of the Association, although you are very welcome to do so if you so wish. The Chairman of the Patrons Club is Cllr. Gill Heath.


Subscriptions are paid on an annual basis currently £200.00




There are no formal meetings of the members but there two free social events each year. Patrons can take a guest along to both.

They present a social evening with an opportunity to hear from and ask questions to our MP to keep up to date with events in Westminister.

Money raised by subscriptions enable the Association to return Conservatives to the House of Commons the European Parliament and County and Local elections.